The internet is… enjoying Resident Evil Village’s extremely tall vampire lady

When Capcom announced a Resident Evil showcase event set for later in January, it did so with a short video that included snippets of gameplay for the upcoming Resident Evil 8, aka Resident Evil Village.

And in those snippets of gameplay we see a mysterious, apparently super tall vampire lady – who has in the last few days become something of an internet sensation.

This smiling lady, who wears a white dress and hat, looks creepy as all hell, and not someone you’d want to spend much time with on a cold, dark night. But the internet… well, the internet is having its fun.

First up, while Village’s mysterious vampire lady looks tall, upon closer inspection she is extremely tall. In the brief clip below we see her bending down to fit through a door.

In another clip we see her towering over the player alongside a couple of similarly creepy associates.

We don’t know much about the vampire lady yet – or what she may turn out to be. But fans are enjoying the moment, that’s for sure.

Clearly, Resident Evil fans have got the hots for Village’s towering vampire lady. Here’s hoping she doesn’t end up driving a stake through our hearts.